Realm list update
(by Viarax at 12:08, 26 Aug 2017)
As we are update the DNS and Switching over the old system to use the new auth Server I've setup a temporary realm address

Please use

I will keep this for month while we make the changes needed, once the dns has updated (upto 24 hours) both and will point to the correct location and you can switch back to the

to connect to both the old and new realms.

The old arthas realm has been renamed to "Arthas-fun" to allow the way for the new core to take the name "Arthas"
Server Maintenance Update
(by Viarax at 18:23, 19 Aug 2017)
Hi Neverendless,

The last backup has been completed and is been processed.

We are now converting the backup to the new realm / core.

We have turned on the old realm again so you can play while new realm is finished.

Any changes / items / quests done on the old realm now will not be transferred to the new realm.

We expect to have the new realm / core online within 24 hours, If this changes we will let you know on the website

Keep your eye on the website for updates
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Title List for Token of Title

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Last Updated: 04 Apr 2012
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These are the titles available with the purchase of a [Token of Title], which you can acquire in the Vote Shop!

After purchasing a Token of Title, choose a title from the list below. Then, log into the character you sent the Token to, retrieve it from the mailbox, and make a ticket with a GM asking to get a title. When the GM requests which title you would like, tell them the one you have chosen.

Some titles are limited by faction, so if you are Alliance, you cannot get a Horde title, and vice versa. Also, remember that some titles appear before your character's name and others appear after your character's name when displayed in-game.

Titles 001 through 028 are PVP titles and are not recommended choices for the [Token of Title] since your character may not retain the title if you do not have the required PVP rank.

002 Corporal
003 Sergeant
004 Master Sergeant
005 Sergeant Major
006 Knight
007 Knight-Lieutenant
008 Knight-Captain
009 Knight-Champion
010 Lieutenant Commander
011 Commander
012 Marshal
013 Field Marshal
014 Grand Marshal
048 Justicar
075 Flame Warden
111 of Argus
112 of Khaz Modan
113 of Gnomergan
114 the Lion Hearted
115 Champion of Elune
126 of the Alliance
146 of the Exodar
147 of Darnassus
148 of Ironforge
149 of Stormwind

015 Scout
016 Grunt
017 Sergeant
018 Senior Sergeant
019 First Sergeant
020 Stone Guard
021 Blood Guard
022 Legionnaire
023 Centurion
024 Champion
025 Lieutenant General
026 General
027 Warlord
028 High Warlord
047 Conqueror
076 Flame Keeper
110 of Quel'Thalas
116 Hero of Orgrimmar
117 Plainsrunner
118 of the Darkspear
119 the Forsaken
127 of the Horde
150 of Orgrimmar
151 of Sen'jin
152 of Silvermoon
153 of Thunder Bluff
154 of the Undercity

042 Gladiator
043 Duelist
044 Rival
045 Challenger
046 Scarab Lord
053 Champion of the Naaru
157 Deadly Gladiator
062 Merciless Gladiator
063 of the Shattered Sun
064 Hand of A'dal
071 Vengeful Gladiator
072 Battlemaster
074 Elder
077 the Exhalted
078 the Explorer
079 the Diplomat
080 Brutal Gladiator
081 the Seeker
082 Arena Master
083 Salty
084 Chef
085 the Supreme
086 of the Ten Storms
087 of the Emerald Dream
089 Prophet
090 the Malefic
091 Stalker
092 of the Ebon Blade
093 Archmage
094 Warbringer
095 Assassin
096 Grand Master Alchemist
097 Grand Master Blacksmith
098 Iron Chef
099 Grand Master Enchanter
100 Grand Master Engineer
101 Doctor
102 Grand Master Angler
103 Grand Master Herbalist
104 Grand Master Scribe
105 Grand Master Jewelcrafter
106 Grand Master Leatherworker
107 Grand Master Miner
108 Grand Master Skinner
109 Grand Master Tailor
120 the Magic Seeker
121 Twilight Vanquisher
122 Conqueror of Naxxramas
123 Hero of Northrend
124 the Hallowed
125 Loremaster
128 the Flawless Victor
129 Champion of the Frozen Wastes
130 Ambassador
131 the Argent Champion
132 Guardian of Cenarius
133 Brewmaster
134 Merrymaker
135 the Love Fool
137 Matron
138 Patron
139 Obsidian Slayer
140 of the Nightfall
141 the Immortal
142 the Undying
143 Jenkins
144 Bloodsail Admiral
145 the Insane
155 the Noble
156 Crusader
158 Death's Demise
159 the Celestial Defender
160 Conqueror of Ulduar
161 Champion of Ulduar
163 Vanquisher
164 Starcaller
165 the Astral Walker
166 Herald of the Titans
167 Furious Gladiator
168 the Pilgrim
169 Relentless Gladiator
170 Grand Crusader
171 the Argent Defender
172 the Patient
173 the Light of Dawn
174 Bane of the Fallen King
175 The Kingslayer
176 of the Ashen Verdict
177 Wrathful Gladiator