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Frequently Asked Questions: Voting

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Last Updated: 05 Dec 2012
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Why was the vote system changed?

The new vote system fixes both of these problems, your rewards are now directly connected to the server's votes - in order for you to be happy and getting lots of vote points, you need to make the server happy by getting lots of votes. The additional CAPTCHA ensures that it's a human being trying to vote, who is actually capable of filling out the second CAPTCHA on the vote site.

How are the vote points calculated in the new vote system?

Every week you all vote for the server, these votes get recorded and are displayed on the counters on the vote page, under each vote site. At the end of every week on the 7th, 14th, etc. the current number of votes and the server's rank are pulled from each of the vote sites, run through a forumla designed by Crescendo to calculate a number of points to award for each site, then finally you get awarded points based on the calculated number of points along with the number of times you personally voted relative to the number of times it was possible to vote in the award period.

(Simply, each site gets handled seperately, and we take the rank/votes, use it to calculate the maximum number of points to award for that site this week to someone who voted the 'perfect' number of times, and give all of you a fraction of that maximum number based on how many times you voted for that site.)

Why are you getting less points now, than in the old vote system?

The 'value' of 1 vote point has changed, each vote point is now much more valuable than it used to be. 1 Vote doesn't equate to 1 vote point, and as a result, items are much much cheaper in the new vote shop.

32 Vote points used to buy you a Green item, maybe a low-end blue, now it buys you Relendless Gladiator's Gear and other top-end epics. In other words, you can do more with less points now.
This is also part of the reason that the points were reset at the beginning of April - people who had saved up say 200 vote points would be able to buy most of the Relentless Gear in the shop.

So how can you get more vote points?

Vote more. Get your friends to vote, or vote more. Help other people understand WHY they need to vote, and vote properly, and HOW to vote properly. It's in YOUR best interest to make sure that the server is getting as many votes as possible so that you can get as many points as possible.

Why does it take longer to fill out the CAPTCHAs now than before?

It doesn't. We used to have 6 sites, 1 CAPTCHA each = 6 CAPTCHAs. We now have 3 sites, 2 CAPTCHAs each = 6 CAPTCHAs. It should take the same time to vote properly for all the vote sites.

How do you vote properly?

Step 1. Go to https://www.neverendless-wow.com/vote/
Step 2. Click on one of the vote sites which is not 'On Cooldown'. If all vote sites are on cooldown, you're done for now, come back when one of the cooldowns expires.
Step 3. Fill out the CAPTCHA here on the Neverendless Website, ensure it is correct.
Step 4. Fill out the CAPTCHA on the vote site, ensure it is correct.
Step 5. Click on Neverendless WoW in the list of websites to return to our site.
Step 6. Go to Step 2.

How do I know when it's time to vote?
Neverendless provide several tools for this purpose.

Firstly - when you are logged into the website, a notice will appear in the top-right of every page if one or more vote sites are currently available.

Secondly - a tool is available in the Voting Tools section of the website that will show timers for each vote site and notify you when the cooldown ends.

There is also a voting application available for Android phones and tablets that will not only remind you when to vote, but will help you to vote from your tablet or phone. This application is available for free on the Google Play store, a link is available in the voting tools section of the site to help you find it.