Realm list update
(by Viarax at 12:08, 26 Aug 2017)
As we are update the DNS and Switching over the old system to use the new auth Server I've setup a temporary realm address

Please use

I will keep this for month while we make the changes needed, once the dns has updated (upto 24 hours) both and will point to the correct location and you can switch back to the

to connect to both the old and new realms.

The old arthas realm has been renamed to "Arthas-fun" to allow the way for the new core to take the name "Arthas"
Server Maintenance Update
(by Viarax at 18:23, 19 Aug 2017)
Hi Neverendless,

The last backup has been completed and is been processed.

We are now converting the backup to the new realm / core.

We have turned on the old realm again so you can play while new realm is finished.

Any changes / items / quests done on the old realm now will not be transferred to the new realm.

We expect to have the new realm / core online within 24 hours, If this changes we will let you know on the website

Keep your eye on the website for updates
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